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I got my first taste of reflexology on Thursday. I really had no idea what to expect. Emmy walked me through it, she told me about how the foot is a map of the body and how reflexology can help with ailments in the body. It was very relaxing and enlightening. I highly recommend her to everyone. She has a very calming nature and energy that is contagious in the best way. I felt extremely relaxed after her massage, which is saying a lot because I work 2 jobs. Thanks M&M.
Kimberly V.

I am very impressed with my experiences here.  The front desk staff are very friendly and courteous.  The therapists I’ve had are very attentive.  Emmy, in particular, is incredible.  Excellent communication, technique, endurance and talent!  A true professional, she is very proficient with many types of massage and is very knowledgeable with the muscular system.  As an avid cyclist I appreciate this greatly.  Her deep tissue massage is outstanding, probably the best I’ve had.  Her pressure is consistent, steady and very, very effective.  Highly recommended!
David W.

Once I turned fifty, I was diagnosed with Meniere’s disease and BPPV (benign paroxysmal positional vertigo).  Being a very independent woman, I was devastated.  I couldn’t handle standard chiropractic adjustments; Emmy was able to find me an atlas orthogonal chiropractor. My treatment felt complete with her nurturing massages.  They allow me to feel independent, and I can do the things I love like gardening and aquatic exercises. No words can describe my gratitude! She implements lots of different techniques. Very dedicated to her profession. I highly recommend her!!
Gladys N.

I received a massage today from Emmy and it was amazing! I was having neck pain and she did a great job giving me relief! Emmy has been a wonderful resource for me in my healing journey! She is very pleasant to be around and her massages help me to escape from the stresses of everyday life! I would recommend Emmy’s massage to anyone and everyone!
Jewel B.

I have been getting massages from Emmy since 2010 after an automobile accident and I can truly tell you that she is the best. It was always a pleasure to get a massage each week. She is very professional and her smile will make you relax before she even starts the massage.

At first I wasn’t sure if a massage would help me but after a few weeks I could see and feel the difference. My range of motion was much improved and I felt really relaxed. After a stressful day at work an Emmy massage is the way to go.

I have recently returned to Emmy because I was stressed and now after four massages I can feel the difference. I will continue to get a massage each week as long as I can. I HIGHLY recommend Emmy as a massage therapist. Keep up the great work!
Delta H.

I spent a fairly active six years in the US Army, during which I dabbled in the gym (incorrectly, for the most part) as well as the standard running, physical training, and marches with heavy back packs; as a result, I acquired a few injuries. I’ve since started to exercise smarter (three times a week on average) but still come up with nagging injuries. I’ve been having sessions with Emmy since the summer of 2011 and they have gone a LONG way to rehabbing and preventing injuries. She doesn’t do “cookie cutter” sessions and is really inquisitive about what is ailing you; she asks a lot of questions before and during the session.She uses a lot of techniques and the whole experience is very relaxing–as well as educating. I’ve learned a lot about referred pain from her and apply it to my own foam roller sessions. Emmy was the first certified massage therapist I went to and I’m glad I did. If you’re nervous about the experience she is definitely the one to go to. As you can see from the other testimonials no matter how active your lifestyle she can accommodate and help you!
Tim F.

Massage by Emmy Nazario is the best thing going! I’ve been getting massages for almost 2 years but kept bouncing around to different studios or massage therapists. Emmy is the massage therapist I’ve been looking for. She is attentive to her clients’ needs and is a true professional. Finally I don’t have to explain poles or aerial acrobatics to a massage therapist. Emmy GETS IT and knows how to help work out the kinks in my body since I like to be active. If you’re looking for relief from aches and pains or simply need to give your body some TLC, I suggest booking a massage (or 2 or 3) with Emmy. You won’t be disappointed and your body will thank you for it!
Kate M.

“I love to run, swim and practice martial arts. With such an active lifestyle I’m always prone to soreness, tension, and sometimes injury. Being active duty military, I’ve had the opportunity to try massage therapists in several states and countries. Emmy is by far the most attentive and effective therapist ever to treat me! It is obvious to me that she is well trained and actually cares about her customers. I would most definitely recommend her to any of my co-workers, family and friends.”
Klevin S.

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